Advanced Certificate Course in
Program Overview

The Advanced Certificate Course in Prevention and Management of Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease (ACMDC) is a unique on-job training program. The fundamental objective of ACMDC is to enhance knowledge, skills and core competencies of Primary Care Physicians to address case management, counseling, referral and prevention of Diabetes in patients with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and CHD in patients with Diabetes. This will enable early diagnosis and prompt referrals of patients and establish a referral linkage pattern.

The total duration of the course for CYCLE III is six months (June 2018 - November 2018), with once a month contact session, which will be conducted on designated weekend at Regional Centers, across India. A panel of National Experts, Regional Faculty and Observers and participants shall be the part of the course.

ACMDC Journey

Advanced Certificate Course in Prevention and Management of Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease (ACMDC) Cycle I was a flagship joint certificate program designed and implemented by Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), New Delhi; Centre for Chronic Disease Control (CCDC), New Delhi; World Heart Federation (WHF), Geneva and Chellaram Diabetes Institute (CDI), Pune. The educational grant for the same has been provided by Abbott Healthcare Private Limited. The program had been conceptualized to train Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) across the country with an ultimate objective to improve patient outcomes by enabling early diagnosis and evidence based treatment and establishing a robust referral linkage. ACMDC has witnessed unwavering support from 10 National Experts, 81 Regional Faculty & 33 Observers in its first two cycles. The initiative saw the participation of 1603 candidates with 43 percent having post graduate degrees in myriad fields enrolled across 40 centres in 17 states and 2 Union Territory. The course was delivered in 35 regional training centres across six months in each cycle, with once a month contact session. A panel of 10 Esteemed National Experts (Nationally and Internationally renowned Endocrinologists/ Diabetologists and Cardiologists) had been involved in the review, drafting and finalizing of course curriculum provided by academic partners and deciding the course modalities with their expertise. A group of 81 Regional Faculty (prominent Endocrinologists/ Diabetologists and Cardiologists) provided training to their enrolled candidates with an average trainer to participant ratio of 2:20. A network of 33 eminent Observers who are eminent Public Health Professionals, Hospital Administrators and team members representing various divisions of PHFI were involved in regular monitoring of the program. ACMDC aimed to produce a cadre of manpower who would be well versed in screening, diagnosis and management of CVD complications of diabetes independently. Subsequent to the end of six modular course and strictly adhering to the laid down pre requisites for award of certificate; we had 1488 (93%) eligible candidates who qualified for the course completion certificate of ACMDC Cycle I & II. The End Line Evaluation of the course was executed post the completion of Module VI in March 2015 & 2016 to conduct a review of program cycle and it had flagged numerous key points which were very critical in improvising course curriculum of ACMDC.

Distinguishing Features
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